Slowly Slowly Catch a Monkey £15

Well here we are again only a year after our 2nd book “Up Close and Personal” (UCAP) was let loose on an unsuspecting public. The time between the first and second book was seven years, but you know the old saying “You wait for ages for a bus and then 2 come along together” well that seems to be true about our books.

When we were compiling the chapters for UCAP, we found we had twice as many chapters as was sensible to inflict on you in one go.

It has been said that Tai Chi is the “thinking man’s Martial Art” but it may have been just too much thinking to do in one book; hence “Slowly Slowly Catch the Monkey” was born

forwards by
Bill Douglas, Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

Michael DeMarco, Publisher & Tai Chi Instructor
Journal of Asian Martial Arts