We wish to inform members that three Directors; David Hackett, Gary Wragg and Faye Yip have resigned from the Board.

We wish to respect their privacy and confidentiality and so will not comment on their reasons for resigning.

We wish to thank them for the time, effort and commitment they have given to the TCUGB over their years of service.

The Board also wish to take this opportunity to reassure members that the TCUGB will not interfere with member’s legitimate commercial activities, and they can remain members, as long as there is no direct conflict with the founding principles, and stated aims of the TCUGB; for example, the filing of trade marks for terms already in use by other TCUGB members, is not acceptable.

At the moment, the Board of Directors comprises:
Dan Docherty, Shelagh Grandpierre, Marnix Wells, Peter Ballam, Mark Peters, Barry McGinlay and Tony Ulatowski.
the board proposes to fill the remaining posts, in due course, as we consider the changing needs of the organisation. Requirements for nominees to follow soon.