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National Qigong Association celebrate their 25th anniversary

Thursday the 8th of July see’s the National Qigong Association celebrate their 25th anniversary – and to mark the occasion they are offering an open invitation to a special zoom conversation with two of its founders, and modern day Qigong pioneers; Dr Roger Jahnke and Jim MacRichie.

The USA based association is an umbrella organisation that seeks to bring together qigong practitioners of all styles, systems and lineages, and Thursday’s ‘Qi-Talk’ will have a focus on the past, present and future of Qigong. To register for the talk please visit www.nqa.org.

How to start your qigong journey

Member Sue Dunham set us some advice:

If you’re here then qigong (pronounced chee gung) has probably already come onto your radar. You may want to start trying it NOW. Read on before leaping into action!

For avoidance of doubt, the simplest translation of qigong is energy work. A more helpful ‘translation’ might be Chinese exercise for health. It’s less known than the more popular Tai Chi Chuan (a martial art) but qigong is something that you could consider if your primary interest is in health, mental or physical.

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