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Tai Chi Caledonia

Tai Chi Caledonia is a world class Tai Chi event held annually in Stirling, Scotland. 2020 was to be it’s 25th anniversary but of course COVID-19 put a stop to all that. Instead the teacher lineup for that year, from all over the world, chose to donate their time for free to bring Tai Chi and Qigong online for all to benefit.

The same is due to happen again starting this Saturday 10th July 2021

TCC-Online Zoom Programme-2021

The sessions will be recorded and available on www.taichicaledonia.com and also on the FB page.

More information on the Tai Chi Caledonia site:

Joining Instructions for the 2021 Zoom Workshops

2021 Zoom Programme


21st Tai Chi Caledonia 8-15 July 2016


Despite recent sad events the spirit of Ronnie Robinson will be maintained by the 21st Tai Chi Caledonia proceeding as planned from Friday 8th July until Friday 15th July 2016. Details can be found on the Tai Chi Caledonia website.