The Journal for the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

A message from the Editor, Dr. Mark J. Langweiler

To the members of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain,

First, thank you for being part of this long standing and significant organisation. As you are aware, the TCUGB is the umbrella organisation for tai chi and qi gong practitioners throughout the United Kingdom and has an important voice in advancing these treasured and beautiful arts.

As part of the benefits of membership, all members receive our Journal for the Tai Chi Union. Currently, the Journal comes out three time a year. But in order for this to continue, there is always a need for practicing members to contribute articles on a variety of subjects from tai chi and qigong practice, history, philosophy, martial and health-related concerns or even personal reflections. There has been a noticeable slump recently with contributions from our UK membership in articles for our magazine. The result has been more submissions from overseas. As the editor of the Journal, I would like to invite members to contact me with either something they have written or ideas for an article that they would like to have considered.

Additionally, the ‘Meet the Instructor’ column will be re-introduced. If you would like to be included, again, please contact me and we will make arrangements for an interview.

Your energy and input can truly reflect the vibrancy of TCUGB practitioners in our future magazine issues.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Mark J. Langweiler, DC, DAAPM
Editor- The Journal for the Tai Chi
Union of Great Britain