The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain & Trademarks


A member requested clarification on the position of The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain C.I.C. (TCUGB) regarding the use of Trademarks by members, at the time of the request this had not been considered and so it was agreed that the matter would be discussed by the Board.

The Board of the TCUGB have now met and wish to advise the members of the outcome.

Commercial decisions, such as trademarking, taken by members are not a matter for the TCUGB unless there is a clear conflict with the aims and objectives as set out in the Articles of Association of the Company.

The aim of the TCUGB is to promote Tai Chi, QiGong and other Internal Arts to the general public, not to restrict members from lawful activities.

This does not mean that the TCUGB condones or supports such activities or wishes to deter anyone from objecting to the relevant authority if they feel a trademark should not have been registered or is an abuse of common terms widely used in the community.

If a member is concerned that a commercial decision by them may bring them into conflict with the TCUGB they are entitled to raise the matter informally with the TCUGB and they will receive advice.

The TCUGB is effectively run by volunteers, the Directors give their time for the benefit of the members and there are no full time employees so it is not always possible to respond to requests as quickly as we would like.

The perceived delay in dealing with this enquiry resulted in much speculation and comment on social media, some of the comments posted demonstrated a clear divide over the issue and the strong feelings held by some members, these resulted in complaints which the Board have discussed and appropriate action has been taken.

The issue has identified the need for stronger governance on matters such as a formal complaints procedure, standards of behaviour etc. and we will be working towards these over the coming months.

Members will be kept advised via the website, magazine and facebook.