5 Element Qigong Day for Earth/Late Summer/Spleen

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Instructor: Ben Calder

This is the next of the 5 Element practice days which will be held through the year.

This day is open to, and will have something for all levels of experience and practice in this beautiful day of mindful movement

The day will be split into 2 parts:

Jing, the morning practice will focus more on the physical body, generating jing or physical essence. This is done through foundation level exercises for joint opening, loosening the spine, connecting to LifeForce and experiencing the foundation standing and movement sets of LifeForce Qigong, along with guided introduction to Microcosmic Orbit breathing and the completion practices of patting and dredging.

Qi, the afternoon practice will focus more on the emotional energetic of the spleen and it’s association to the season of late summer. We will use the practice to loosen and activate, flush and cleanse, circulate and direct, enhance and energise and integrate and regulate the energies of the body. We will take extended practice with the Earth element and Spleen energies to work in harmony with the season with deeper meditations and practices.

As we are in Summer, this practice day will focus in more depth on the Earth element and the fortification of Spleen energy and helping to resolve elements of Worry & Pity within the body, making sure we stay grounded and centred.

Cost for the day will be £45 per person

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