Tai Chi Workshop with Bret Hall (Cheng Man-ch’ing Lineage)

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Instructor: Bret Hall

Bret lives in Oxford, Michigan USA where he studied with Carol Yamasaki, student of Cheng Man-Ch’ing, since 1989 and through Carol was introduced to many of Professor Cheng’s other senior students, in particular Benjamin Lo and Liu Hsi-heng.


“Training form and push hands with Bret is a fresh and unique experience. Bret’s rare push hands ability deeply informs his form teaching. He brings a unique perspective and new practices to a sound traditional foundation” – Cay, USA

“Bret’s style is refreshingly unusual without being at odds with any of the classic principles of Taiji. In some ways difficult to categorise but, in my humble opinion, well worth the time. His teaching style is relaxed with a very high degree of attention to the individual, a more practical rather than theoretic approach. And, on top of that, a very pleasant chap.” – Ian, UK

“My experience of Bret’s approach to push hands and the form is of a profound and functional non-doing. He is very adept at helping you to feel for yourself how you can let your partner’s force return to them, and bringing your attention to the subtle obstacles that we put in our way to achieving this. All of this goes for his approach to the form as well.” – Redmond, UK

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