Wu Style Long Form (B.K. Frantzis lineage), Weekend 1

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Instructor: Matthew Brewer

This is the first of a planned series of Workshops and retreats on the Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form of Daoist Immortal Liu Hongjie as transmitted by master Bruce Frantzis.
This project is open to:
Anyone who wishes to become more healthy.
Practitioners of other styles of Tai Chi who wish to deepen their practice.
Attendees of master Bruce Frantzis’s online teaching of the form via Energy Arts Live who would like to receive live feedback and corrections on their form.
Energy Arts Instructors of any subject who want to develop their Tai Chi, and (I hope) would like to gain an instructor certification in the short and long forms of Tai Chi.
Present Energy Arts Tai Chi instructors who wish to refine their skill and upgrade their certification.
All those who wish to prepare for the next Long Form instructor training. The last one was in 2008 – they are few and far between.
Note: This is not an instructor training, but the preparation for one with master Frantzis.

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