Golden Ball Qigong Instructor

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Instructor: Master Anita Mason

Park Crescent Conference Centre: Address: 229 Great Portland St, Marylebone, London W1W 5PN

Golden Ball Qigong Instructor – LONDON
Everyone’s favourite! Open to all who are interested in cultivating their own healing energy. Also known as the 8 Actions of Qi. This involves fluid movement, synchronized breath and the visualisation of a Golden Ball (Qi) moving through the body. Practiced on a regular basis, Golden Ball can have a positive accumulative effect on overall health, thus builds energy. It is an excellent tool to use for brittle bone conditions, falls prevention, exhaustion and weak constitutions. It is also good for pain management, long term anger, frustration and stress. Will benefit people with Parkinson’s Disease or M.S.

Master Anita Mason will share with you her successful businessmodel where she has taught disability groups within the NHS and has won awards for Positively Changing Lives.

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