The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain is the largest collective of independent Tai Chi Chuan Instructors in the British Isles.

AGM Minutes and Executive Ballot Paper

Our Aims

"The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain exists to unite Tai Chi practitioners, promote Tai Chi in all its aspects including health, aesthetic meditation and self defence and to improve standards and collate and disseminate information on Tai Chi classes and events in Great Britain and elsewhere."
The Constitution of the Tai Chi Union

Our Structure

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain is an association of practitioners of recognised styles of Tai Chi Chuan.

Founded in 1991 it has grown to include a national list of over 800 registered instructors throughout the whole of the British Isles.

The business of the Union is carried out by a democratically elected Executive Committee and a Technical Panel who deal with applications, technical enquiries and maintaining and improving standards.

Contacting Us:


Peter Ballam
5 Corunna Drive
West Sussex
RH13 5HG
01403 257918
email Secretary

Media & Membership

For general information on tai chi or about the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (TCUGB) and all correspondence regarding becoming a member of the TCUGB contact:

Ronnie Robinson
Media & Membership Officer
The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
1 Littlemill Drive
Glasgow G53 7GF
Scotland UK
+44 (0) 141 810 3482
email Ronnie


Aileen Cromar
62A Greenock Road
01505 340402
Email Aileen


Media Enquires

If you are looking to feature tai chi in your publication, we are pleased to offer assistance and advice. If, however you wish to include contact details in your article please do not include our telephone number.

General Enquires

Information on tai chi and other internal arts, classes throughout the UK and details on how to join the TCUGB or subscribe to our magazine can be found on this web site. If you require more information email the Secretary or, if there is no access to the web site, please send a stamp addressed envelope.

Web Editor: John Johnston