Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Rehabilitation and Well-Being (8-day course)

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This event finished on 25 November 2019

Hopwood. Worcestershire

Instructor Mark Peters

Typical conditions the program can benefit include:
Falls Prevention, to include: Arthritis, [Back] pain, non-specific/general pain, bones, sarcopenia, brain injuries (including stroke recovery), peripheral neuropathy.
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation to include: Heart, Pulmonary, circulatory system, asthma/respiratory system.

A holistic mind-and-body approach is applied. The program includes both seated and standing tai chi and qigong sets designed to improve mobility, balance and confidence. The sets are progressive and designed in a graded activity format. In addition to learning tai chi and qigong movement, the program covers history of tai chi, medical research, mindfulness, pain management, relaxation and motivation. The program is split into four blocks of 2-days over the year, which enables development and application to be more easily measured.

The aims and objectives of the program are to introduce patients/students to a progressive form of exercise for mind and body. The gentle nature of tai chi and qigong make it ideal for people who believe, or have been told, that they are not suitable for exercise as medical and anecdotal research has shown it to be highly effective. As the practice of tai chi and qigong is so enjoyable, it has been identified that people do more additional practice at home, when compared with other forms of rehabilitation. The overall aim is to encourage, those taking part, to continue exercising in the long term and thereby gaining the longer-term benefits of tai chi and qigong.

Course dates
Module 1: May 20th & 21st
Module 2: July 1st & 2nd
Module 3: September 9th & 10th
Module 4: November 25th & 26th

Hopwood Village Hall, Redditch Road, Hopwood. Worcestershire. B48 7AL (just off Junction 2 M42)

Cost: £800 per person (can be paid monthly)
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Event Phone Number: 07831743737