Chinese Sword with Scott Rodell

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Instructor: Scott M Rodell

Chinese Sword from the Michuan Yang Style of Tai Chi with renown expert Scott M Rodell.

A full weekend of intensive Chinese sword training. Focusing on the principles and techniques of Chinese and Tai Chi sword Scott Rodell will provide hands on instruction throughout with plenty of drills, exercises and partner work.

Friday 13th May Evening 6pm-8pm – An Introduction to Chinese Sabre (Daofa)
Saturday 14th May 9am-5pm – Chinese straight sword (Jianfa) techniques and applications
Sunday 15th May 9am-5pm – Chinese straight sword (Jianfa) techniques, applications and freeplay/sparring.

Full weekend £150. One day (Sat/Sun) £80. Option to pay in 3 instalments.

Basic equipment (wooden swords, eye protection) can be borrowed for the event from organizer (Paul Andrews) and will be sufficent for the vast majority of the seminar. Contact Paul for more information

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