How To Join

Safeguarding TCUGB and members:
The Board of the Tai Chi & Qigong Union for Great Britain reserves its absolute right to recognize only safe and acceptable use of qigong and other Chinese Internal Health practices for well-being. Potentially dangerous or otherwise unacceptable practices will not be recognised.

There are three ways in which you can become a member of the TCUGB.

1. Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Tai Chi Chuan. Membership currently costs £30. To join please use the: Application PDF.

2. Instructor Membership

Instructor membership is open to all practitioners of ‘recognisable’ styles of Tai Chi Chuan and other Chinese Internal Martial & Health Arts resident in Great Britain. These arts include Baguazhang, Xing Yi Chuan, Qigong (Chi Kung), Tuina, Daoyin etc.. The Technical Panel will consider each art and make recommendations to the EC.

Instructor Membership currently costs £40. (plus £25 one-off assessment/admin fee). There is also the option of having a certificate.

In order to become an Instructor Members please complete all parts of the form together with details of your training history and include a cheque payable to the TCUGB. If your current instructor has previously been accepted by the TCUGB you can ask him/her to sign your application form as a means of referral. Applicants unknown to the TCUGB or its instructors will be asked to attend an assessment meeting at a location near to where you live or online via zoom. All applicants are required to send video(s) via YouTube link or similar. If unsure, please ask.

Download the Application PDF and Instructor Application Guidelines PDF.

3. Overseas Instructor Membership

Overseas Instructor Membership is open to overseas Instructors. Entry requirements are similar to those of Full Instructor Membership.

Overseas Instructor Membership currently costs £50.

Download the Application PDF check the  Overseas Application Guidelines PDF


When applying for membership please indicate your T shirt size: Small, Medium or Large.

Should you require any assistance with your application you can contact the Membership Secretary for advice and assistance.

Pay by Paypal

Instructor Membership (UK)

Associate Membership (UK)

Associate Membership (EU)

Instructor Membership (Overseas)

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