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As guidelines for COVID keep being updated,it is best to check the links and organisations shown below on a regular basis. Local lockdowns and policies with be posted by you local council so remember to check them too. 

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General Meeting Notice – Saturday 5th November

Please note the General Meeting date has changed and will now be Saturday 5th November at 12pm live on zoom

A full notice with agenda, links etc. will go out shortly.

Any questions for the General Meeting need to be submitted in advance of the meeting; again, more details to follow shortly.

Thank you

TCUGB board of directors

Press Release: Professional Technical Standards for TC & Q for Health and Wellbeing

The leading Tai Chi and Qigong organisation in the UK, the Tai Chi and Qigong Union for Great Britain (TCUGB), are pleased to announce the completion of Professional Technical Standards for TC & Q for Health and Wellbeing. (Links provided at the end of this Press Release)

 Following several years of investigation and determined efforts by long standing members of the TCUGB, these Professional Standards will provide the essential platform to meet the Aims and Visions of the TCUGB to have suitable TC and Q systems approved by the UK Government, as principal Complementary Therapies, within the framework of the recently formed national Integrated Care Systems

Additionally, commercial, charitable and private health providers will be important elements of these initiatives for the improved Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle for our population. Exercises will be suitable for all ages, especially Our Ageing Population.

The TCUGB formed a Partnership with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity, (CIMSPA), who are supported by Sports England and hold a Royal Charter from the UK Government.

Tai Chi and Qigong Instructors and organisations will be able to apply for Assessment and Certification through the partnership. This will result in the opportunity for TC & Q Health and Wellbeing Instructors to provide training courses, seminars, presentations and classes, safe in the knowledge they are endorsed by The Sports Councils relevant bodies.

Basic training for representatives including, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, General Practitioners, Corporate Managers, Human Resources, Care Homes and Charities will be offered to promote TC & Q referrals and social prescribing.

Mark Peters

Chairman, Tai Chi and Qigong Union for Great Britain

11th July 2022

Tai Chi for Health and Wellbeing


Qigong for Health and Wellbeing


press release CIMSPA July2022 PDF

Martial Arts Studies

TCUGB Director Marnix Wells is presenting a paper at the “Martial Arts, Tradition and Globalisation International Conference: Universities of Lausanne and Geneva” held at the University of Lausanne from 29th June to 2nd July 2022.

The conference has a fascinating programme of academic presentations on martial arts, a world which most of us didn’t know existed. We hope that we will be able to feature more about it in the TCUGB magazine in future.

Martial arts studies 2021 – MAS 2021 Research network – University of Lausanne

The programme of presentations looks fascinating.

Qigong Section added to the site

We have recently added a ‘what is qigong’ section to our website. It includes sections on:


Event poster

Integrated Health Episode Five

FREE Global Online Event  Sunday 29th May 2022 2pm till 8pm BST

Union Instructor Keith Sharp & Chairman Mark Peters are taking part in a discussion and panel at 4:00pm

Links to the stream on Facebook and Youtube can be found at: HEALING OUR EARTH | A global platform to heal our earth together. along with the full 6 hour program program.

Healing Our Earth is a wonderful E-Community channel, an initiative by Nil Kumar and his team, to produce various FREE Sessions and Summits for Global Online audiences, on subjects that matter to the community – Health, Wealth and Spirituality. It allows participation at every level – from a young person to an organisation from any parts of the world – so that they can make their contribution to make the world a happier place Please see www.healingourearth.com for further information and all the programmes so far.

From healingourearth.com

TCUGB Newsletter April 2022

Members should have had the newsletter in their inbox.

 The next issue of the tai chi & internal arts journal will be out shortly so you will receive a larger newsletter then.

For now, we want to share some details of FREE training that members may be interested in

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Insurance update March 2022

Based on members feedback we have added a ‘book and pay online’ link to our insurance page.

The link takes you to STB where you can choose and pay for your policy at Tai Chi & Qigong Union for Great Britain – STB Insurance.

World Tai Chi & Qigong day

World Tai Chi Day is coming up on the 30th of April this year.

Members organising events are welcome to send them in using this form  Add An Event or email them to  John Johnston for inclusion. Please see the contribute page for details on what information we need.

World Tai Chi day has a lot of resources to help you join in including:

Which you can share with public when you get media attention or official recognition for your local event.

Here are the events listed on the union site so far:

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 30th April

With the next magazine due out in April we thought it would be good to flag World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (30th April) with some inspiring examples of what people have done in the past.
Anyone with a story or a suggestion, please get in touch with Suse.

Professor Zhang Guangde 1931 – 2022

A great man with great knowledge who created the Daoyin Yangsheng Gong system that we teach today and is taught throughout the world!
My parents first met him 30 years ago. Such was his impression on them that when they told me of his work I decided at that moment to travel to Beijing and study Daoyin Yangsheng Gong.
We will strive, as he did, to bring empowerment to people to take control of their own physical and mental health, and to make the world a better place.
Tina Faulkner Elders

Chinese New Year – year of the Tiger – February 1st 2022

2022 is a year of the Water Tiger. It starts from February 1st, 2022 and ends on January 21st, 2023. A Water Tiger year occurs every 60 years.

Years of the Tiger include 2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 19501938.….

The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strength, exorcising evils, and braveness. The tiger is known for being kind, adventurous and enthusiastic.

Let’s make 2022 our year of growing stronger together

Most Popular Chinese New Year Greetings 

In Mandarin, the most common Chinese New Year greeting is Xīnnián hǎo (新年好), which directly translates as ‘New Year Goodness’. A more formal greeting is  Xīn nián kuài lè, literally meaning ‘New Year happiness’.

In Cantonese, the most common greeting is Gong hei fat choy(恭喜发财), which means ‘Best wishes, wishing you happiness and prosperity.’

Journal Issue 64 – Tai Chi Chuan & Internal Arts out now

issue 64

Issue 64 out now!

Issues 64 is here and can be viewed online at http://taichimag.org and click the cover image of the issue you want to read. This issue includes:

Please note, the site is http not https so some browsers flag a safety warning; it is nothing to worry about as the site doesn’t collect personal details and doesn’t sell anything, it’s just google tightening up. We will be moving server as the magazine project develops.

We are already compiling content for issue 65 and look forward to receiving your submissions. Email them to us at editor@taichimag.org

Dan 1954-2021

Fund raiser for Parkinsons UK In memory of Sifu Dan

This fund raiser is in memory of our Tai Chi Master, Sifu Daniel Docherty who sadly passed away on Thursday 9th December 2021.

He suffered for many years with the debilitating effects of Parkinsons disease and at the wishes of his family, instead of funeral flowers money can be donated to charity.

Catherine Birkinhead is fundraising for Parkinson’s UK

Dan Docherty sword

Dan Docherty, (1954-2021)

It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of Dan Docherty, a
founder and driving force in The Tai Chi & Qigong Union for Great Britain.

Dan died suddenly on Thursday 9th December and there will be a full
obituary in the next issue of the Union’s magazine, Tai Chi and Internal
Arts. We have opened this page for comments of remembrance.

Some tributes to Dan

Fund raiser for Parkinsons UK In memory of Sifu Dan

Healing our Earth

Keith Sharp, a advanced instructor and honorary president of the TCUGB is talking at the Healing our Earth conference on Sunday 12 December 2021

World Health Coverage Day
FREE Global Online Event
Sunday 12th December 2021
2pm till 8pm  GMT
2022 calendar cover

TCUGB newsletter December 2021

The newsletter can also be downloaded as a PDF and includes extra items. Download

2022 Tai Chi & Qigong Union Calendar

Our new calendar is now available to purchase online, in a desk or wall-hanging format, so let your friends and students know. Members will receive their copy soon. The images used were submitted by members, and we’ve included a selection of events, both national and international.
Buy the Calendar 

30th Anniversary competition

We had a good range of submissions which all members were asked to vote on. Download the PDf newsletter to see the results.

Issue 64 on its way

We are currently working to complete issue 64 which will be out December/January. We are already compiling content for issue 65 and look forward to receiving your submissions. Email them to us at enquires@taichiunion.com
The magazines been posted on the new dedicated magazine website, have you clicked on and read it yet? Visit http://taichimag.org and click the cover image of the issue you want to read. More issues will be added over time. Please note, the site is http not https so some browsers flag a safety warning; it is nothing to worry about as the site doesn’t collect personal details and doesn’t sell anything, it’s just google tightening up. We will be moving server as the magazine project develops.

Tai Chi for health related research project

Are you, or do you know a PHD student in a position to consider a Tai Chi for health related research project?
The TCUGB Health Committee would love to hear from you and to help you out. Contact us

Note regarding Trademarking

The Chinese State continues to support and promote China’s modern ‘Global Brand’ of simplified qigong. TCUGB has agreed to be much more vigilant in future regarding any potential attempts to control the use of what we might consider to be generic and descriptive terms in the U.K. To this end we will be using a specialist computerised search service to watch out for certain terms appearing in new Trade Mark Applications in the U.K. for the latest update see Trademark Update

As the world continues to unlock, it is clear that many of us will be training using a mix of ‘live online’ and ‘face-to-face’. The technology developed massively over the last 18 months and actually was shown to increase the number of sessions per week attended. I am enjoying the opportunity to share and practice more; maybe you can share your stories for the next newsletter issue.
Best regards,
Mark Peters, Chairman
On behalf of the board of TCUGB

twitter: https://twitter.com/TaiGreat

page: https://www.facebook.com/tcugb
open group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uktaichiqigongandinternalartstcugbopenforum
members only group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1273194333034852

Sports England funding opportunity

Sports England are working with 43 Active Partnerships that, between them, cover every part of England. Grants are available to help develop programs and some TCUGB members are already getting involved, for example, Mark Peters is working with Sports Birmingham and has received grants for tai chi in mental health and tai chi session to tackle inequality. Details of the tackling inequality fund can be found at Together Fund | Sport England

You can find more details of funding and partnerships at Active Partnerships.

Follow the link on the page and put in your postcode to find your local partner.

If you have already accessed this or other funds, please share information with us so we can share the good news with members. If you are aware of similar finds in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, please let us know. Working together the TCUGB grows stronger.