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A member requested clarification on the position of The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain C.I.C. (TCUGB) regarding the use of Trademarks by members, at the time of the request this had not been considered and so it was agreed that the matter would be discussed by the Board.

The Board of the TCUGB have now met and wish to advise the members of the outcome.

Commercial decisions, such as trademarking, taken by members are not a matter for the TCUGB unless there is a clear conflict with the aims and objectives as set out in the Articles of Association of the Company.

The aim of the TCUGB is to promote Tai Chi, QiGong and other Internal Arts to the general public, not to restrict members from lawful activities.

This does not mean that the TCUGB condones or supports such activities or wishes to deter anyone from objecting to the relevant authority if they feel a trademark should not have been registered or is an abuse of common terms widely used in the community.

If a member is concerned that a commercial decision by them may bring them into conflict with the TCUGB they are entitled to raise the matter informally with the TCUGB and they will receive advice.

The TCUGB is effectively run by volunteers, the Directors give their time for the benefit of the members and there are no full time employees so it is not always possible to respond to requests as quickly as we would like.

The perceived delay in dealing with this enquiry resulted in much speculation and comment on social media, some of the comments posted demonstrated a clear divide over the issue and the strong feelings held by some members, these resulted in complaints which the Board have discussed and appropriate action has been taken.

The issue has identified the need for stronger governance on matters such as a formal complaints procedure, standards of behaviour etc. and we will be working towards these over the coming months.

Members will be kept advised via the website, magazine and facebook.


Ballot for the appointment of Directors

Here are the vote results in the recent Ballot for the appointment of Directors: At the 2019 AGM Peter Ballam, Tony Ulatowski and David Hackett retired by rotation and offered themselves for re-election.
Voting members had the chance to vote in respect of all three nominees.

6 votes were void.
77 votes received were valid

Peter Ballam: 77 votes for, 0 against, Total: 77
David Hackett: 70 votes for, 3 against, Total: 67
Tony Ulatowski: 71 votes for, 4 against, Total: 67

This means all 3 Directors are re-elected.
Thank you to all members who voted.

2nd Australia International Martial Arts Festival 2019

Dear Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong Colleagues
I hope all’s going well in your corner of the world.
I am writing to let you know about a new competition being held in August this year. I’ve attached all the details so please read through the documents and have a think about joining in! It would be fantastic if you were involved!
This competition is very well funded and supported by the Australian Chinese community. Last year, there were around 500 competitors with guest judges and performers from Hong Kong and China. It was an amazing event and quite an eye-opener for those who have never had the chance to compete overseas.
This year’s Festival promises to be as inspiring as the first event. The 2nd Australia International Martial Arts Festival 2019 will be attended by wushu, tai chi and qigong students from schools in China, Australia and other countries around the world. If you have ever attended any of the World Traditional Wushu Festivals over the years, you will now have the chance to experience this type of festival event in Australia.
The competition is on 31st August. It is open to all ages, all styles, and from any wushu background. We are also offering generous prizes for elite athletes in the competition – awarding cash prizes and a scholarship to train in a martial art academy in China. Special conditions apply so check through the attachments for all the details but please call if you need clarification. The Closing Ceremony will be held the following evening (1st September) where awards will be presented. This evening promises to be a highlight of the Festival with performances by famous Chinese Masters and selected winners of the competition events. The Masters will also present lectures and workshops during the Festival weekend. More details will be available closer to the event.
If you or your students prefer not to compete, a group demonstration event is also offered. So you, too, have the opportunity to join in without the pressure of ‘being judged’. It will be just like World Tai Chi & Qigong Day but at a different venue!

Also – if you’d like to be involved on a deeper level, as a sponsor or affiliate, please get in touch as soon as possible so we have time to discuss criteria and logo placement for the Festival advertising.

If you have any questions or queries, please call. I’m more than happy to help!

Warmest regards
Su Rule

Vice Chairman
Australia International Martial Arts Festival

Annual General Meeting of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

The Annual General Meeting of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain C.I.C. will be held on Saturday 18th May 2019 at Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB commencing at 1.30pm (doors open at 1.15pm)

Download the AGM-PACK

  • The AGM pack contains:
    The Notice of the AGM
  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the tai chi Union for Great Britain Held on 21st April 2018
  • A proxy form

Master Chen Ziqiang’s London Seminars at Tai Ji Circle from 8 to 14 April 2019

Tai Ji Circle and Master Liu Quanjun are honoured to be hosting our eighth annual visit by Master Chen Ziqiang to London. The son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing and nephew of Standard Bearer Chen Xiaowang, Master Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Taijiquan Family. He is the Chief Coach of the prestigious Chenjiagou Taijiquan Academy and a renowned tai ji teacher and champion. Both he and his students have achieved overwhelming victories in numerous competitions both in China and worldwide. Master Chen’s Taiji is impeccable and he is ranked as one of the true great masters within the Taijiquan community.

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Tai Chi Symposium 2019

Union Instructor Michael Taylor sent us this news:

On May 25 to 29 next year, the 2019 International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Symposium will be held in Selvino, Italy hosted by the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Foundation.

You can read more on our event listing:

Tai Chi Symposium 2019

2018 Vote to Appoint the Executive Committee


Committee Member Position Vote For Vote Against Total
Dan Docherty Executive & Chair 87 4 83
Marnix Wells Executive & Vice Chair 81 2 79
Peter Ballam Executive & Secretary 89 0 89
Faye Yip Executive 85 0 85
Gary Wragg Executive 86 1 85
David Hackett Executive 74 1 73
Mark Peters Executive 75 4 71
Shelagh Grandpierre Executive 75 2 73
Tony Ulatowski Executive 77 1 76
Barry McGinlay Executive 82 3 79

Total Number of Votes Received: 101
Number of votes void = 5

Voting To Appoint The Executive Committee Now Open

At the 2018 Annual General Meeting nominations were received for posts on the Executive Committee.

The Committee is to be elected by ballot of full members and instructors holding ‘S’, ‘A’ or ‘I’ Grades.

Members should have received their ballot papers in the post.

Ballot papers must be returned to the returning officer by post or email to arrive by 19th June 2018 (full instructions on the ballot paper).

If you have any questions or difficulties placing your vote, please notify the returning officer via email.

Agenda for 2018 AGM, Accounts for 2017 and Minutes from 2017 AGM

Peter Ballam has sent these documents.

The Annual General Meeting of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain will be held on Saturday 21st April 2018 at Wu’s Academy Unit 2a, 1st Floor, 449-453, Bethnal Green Road, London E2 9QH commencing at 3.00pm (doors open at 2.30pm)



TCUGB Accounts 2017

Don Wells

A message from Dan Docherty:

Just been told by Bill Strang and Charlie Gorrie the sad news that our good friend Don Wells has just died of cancer.In his 80s and on the short side, Don was an inspiration to many in the Tai Chi world. He had the heart of a lion and loved pushing hands and doing applications with much bigger and younger exponents. He was witty and good-humoured and fun to be around. That is why when the TCUGB needed a new member of our magazine’s Editorial Board, he was the obvious person to choose. He will be much missed.

Final Reminder TCFE – Chinese Internal Martial Arts European Championships

Venue: Leys Pool and Leisure Centre, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, OX4 6JL

Deadline for entries: 24th October 2017. Entry forms to be sent by email or by post to: 9 Ashfield Rd, London, N14 7LA

Registration and weigh-in for non-UK competitors: 17th November at the venue, from 2-8pm
Registration and weigh-in for UK competitors: 18th November, at the venue, 9am.


TCFE entry form 2017

TCFE Championships Rules 2017

TCFE Congress 5-6pm, Sat 18th November, at the venue.
Spectators admitted from 10am on Saturday and Sunday (£8 adults, students £5 per day)

Executive Committee Ballot 2017

The Results of the recent ballot are as follows:

For Against Total
Daniel Docherty 91 5 86
Marnix Wells 88 2 86
Peter Ballam 95 0 95
Faye Yip 91 0 91
Gary Wragg 90 2 88
David Hackett 83 2 81
Mark Peters 80 3 77
Shelagh Grandpierre 82 2 80
Tony Ulatowski 84 3 81
Barry McGinlay 89 2 87

Total number of votes received: 106, 0 Void

This leaves the Executive Committee the same as before.

Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe 9th Chinese Internal Arts Championships November 18th—19th 2017

Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe 9th Chinese Internal Arts Championships
November 18th—19th 2017

(registration 17th for foreign competitors)

Venue: Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Pegasus Road, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, OX4 6JL
Contact Organiser: 9 Ashfield Road, London, N14 7LA,
Tel: 00442083686815
Mob: 07721 867682

TCFE entry form 2017

TCFE Championships Rules 2017

tcfe flyer PDF

Ballot paper confusion

Dear members,

A mistake was made on the ballot paper we recently sent out to you. It did cause confusion and has made it necessary for us to declare the ballot void. New ballot sheets have been sent out with the necessary amendment.

I apologise to all our members on behalf  of the Executive Committee for the inconvenience and as Chairman you have my personal apology also. We will always try to do our best for you, our members.

Dan Docherty

Hundreds gather for one-off Chi in the Park! Edinburgh

Sent to us by charity Thistle Foundation

Taking place on Wednesday 28th June at Princes Street West Garden, between 11am-1pm, Chi in the Park is a fundraising event like no other. This sponsored Tai Chi marathon gives participants the chance to take part in as much Tai Chi as they can. It can be the full two hours or 30 minutes whilst on your lunch break. We are expecting hundreds of people to descend on the gardens for this fundraiser to help raise £50,000 for Thistle which will help support people with long term health conditions in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The idea behind ‘Chi in the Park’ came from Margaret Hendry, one of Thistle’s most active volunteers. Margaret has been leading Thistle’s Tai Chi class for the last 4 years – she became a qualified leader with Thistle’s support and now takes three classes a week, supporting over 90 people with long term health conditions. Margaret knows the difference Thistle can make. She also knows how tough life can be with a long term condition if you don’t have the right support. That was her once. Now Margaret wants to make sure no-one else has to go through what she went through.

To find out more out about Margaret’s story and register for Chi in the Park then head to Chi in the Park.