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Marcus Bain - Rushlake Green Region: London/S.East

Liverpool School of Tai Chi Chuan

Teaching Yang Style Short Form (As Modified by Prof Cheng man-Ching) and relaxation techniques. Some Chi Kung sets and exercises, focussed on Tai Chi for Health and Relaxation.

Contact: Heathfield East Sussex
email: Marcus Bain

Dr. Dong Liu Barraclough - Liverpool Region: North

University of Liverpool

Dong was born in China and started practising Tai Chi in China in 1987 until 1995 when she went abroad to pursue her academic career. She has interest in research to identify effective prevention and treatment tools for age-related chronic diseases.
Sedentary lifestyles are increasingly believed to contribute to long term chronic diseases. Health Qigong/Tai Chi exercises consist of coordinated slow flowing body postures/movements, controlled deep breathing and calm mind. The routine movements are designed to improve body strength, flexibility and balance. This type of exercise is very safe and the movements are easy to learn and to practise. Importantly, the gentle, flexible nature of the exercises makes Qigong/Tai Chi particularly suitable for physically inactive individuals and older people. Furthermore, the exercises can be adapted easily for disabled/wheelchair individuals. Simplified health Qigong/Tai Chi exercises have become part of daily routine amongst millions of elderly men and women across China. It is time to introduce these exercises to the UK.
Dong has trained with the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and British Health Qigong Association. She is now qualified to teach Tai Chi and health Qigong.
If you are interested in learning / practising Tai Chi or health Qigong as a group or one-to-one private lessons, please contact Dong.

Contact: email: Dr. Dong Liu Barraclough


Joseph Bromley - Runcorn/Liverpool/Chester Region: North

Taiji body mechanics. Classes include Heaven Earth Man, Yi Jin Jing and Yang style form. Focus of classes is partner work to aid in the development of dual opposing forces within the body.
I'm also an active member of YMAA in the North of UK and attend classes in Liverpool, Chester and North Wales. Please see website for current class details.

Contact: 07783045283
email: Joseph Bromley


Lis Davidson - Liverpool Region: North

L'Art du Chi (method Stevanovitch)

Feel the earth with your feet, the sky with the top of your head, connect to your Dantien in your lower abdomen and become aware of the Chi energy flowing in your body,
This ancient practice is taught in these classes as a way to relaxed good health - a self defence of your own body from yourself rather than from others.
As a practicing GP I'm very aware of how stress affects our health. I've found Tai chi hugely beneficial for myself, and now i'm ready to share what I've learnt, Please do come and try it for yourself.

2018 Classes
-Mondays @ The Belve, 89-91 Miles Street,Liverpool L8 4PX
- 6.30pm to 7.30pm
- Cost £2 a class
Thursdays @ WHISC, 120 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4JA
- 5.15 - 6.15pm - restarts 22nd Feb 2018
- women only
Thursdays @ St Luke's, the bombed out church, top of Bold St., Liverpool L1
Thursday 24th May 12.30am - 1.30pm
for all of June... then watch this space
- donation to church appreciate

Contact: email: Lis Davidson

Class Locations, click on the icon to see a map.


David Ewing - Liverpool Region: North

Liverpool Hao Style Tai Chi Chuan

Contact: 11 North Road, Liverpool, L19 0LP
0151 4279440
07768 603565
email: David Ewing


Alec & Janice Gardner - Liverpool Region: North

Tai Shan Tai Chi Chuan

Contact: 107 Mersey Road
Crosby, Liverpool L23 6SS
0151 284 8097


Colin Hardman - Liverpool Region: North

Soma Martial Arts Academy

Colin Hardman is the founder of Soma Martial Arts Academy which as been established since 1986.
Subjects Taught
Tai Chi / Qi Gong / Tai Chi Qi Gong Shibashi / Tai Chi Made Easy / Tai Chi Self Defence Applications.
One 2 One training available. Also group classes available in various locations in Liverpool.

Contact: email: Colin Hardman
0151 284 0137


Angela Howarth - Liverpool Region: North

Angela's Tai Chi School

Yang style 8, 16 and 24 step routines;
taiji kungfu fan; 8 treasures qigong. Tai chi classes run all year - join at any time.
Wed 10am - 12pm; Thur 7-9pm; fan class - phone or email for details.
classes in Liverpool

Contact: 80 Errol Street
L17 7DJ
07568 567 602
email: Angela Howarth


Kam Lau - Liverpool Region: North

Kam Lau Tai Chi School

Merseyside's, Cheshire's and Wirral's most popular Chen Style Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Specialist School, under the direct lineage of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. Tai Chi is taught to the general public for health benefits and also as a martial art for the enthusiasts

Contact: 0151 724 4562
07931 725182
email: Kam Lau


Barbara Shields - Liverpool Region: North

Barbara Shields Tai Ji Qi Gong School

I am blessed to continue my personal training with the most exceptional of teachers Masters Faye and Tary Yip, the British Health Qi Gong Association and the Chinese health Qi Gong Association. I trust also that personal training and my trips to China inform my own teaching abilities directly benefiting my students. the last few years I have had the privilege of training under master Chen Xiao Wang on his annual visits to Liverpool, supported by Master Kam Lau. I am training primarily in the double dao form with Master Chen.
I am grade A instructor with the TCUGB and qualified instructor in 4 systems with the BHQA.

I teach Yang 24 Simplified Tai Chi Quan and Yang solo Fan Form
I also teach a broad range of Qi Gong: Shiba Shi, Yi Jin Jing, 12 Dao Yin Yang Shen Gong, Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang [stick form]
Ba Duan Jin and Shi Er Duan JIn. I am available to teach seated Qi Gong if required.
I am increasingly teaching standing, Zhang Zhong and meditation using mindfulness techniques.
My desire and intention in teaching is to show my students the way to take charge of their health and mental well being and of course to share my passion for martial arts and weapons training.
Most of my students come to me at first suffering stress and illness, I therefore use a lot of Qi Gong in my sessions to help individuals to restore their strength and flexibility. Then I emphasise the principles of Tai Ji Quan using the Beijing 24 form as the vehicle for practising the essential properties of Tai Chi.
I emphasise that my classes are for learning forms which I then hope my students will take to practise on a daily basis, this is the key to success!

I teach in various venues NWC, MDI, The Florrie, St Mary's, The Women's Organisation and retreats in N.Wales.
My regular classes are held at the National WIld Flower Centre in Court Hey Park a beautiful place to train with lots of outdoor practise and the Merseyside Dance Initiative in the centre of Liverpool, a beautiful dance studio.
I teach private groups and individuals and I am planning new events for the future, look out for my Summer school special workshops 2014.

Contact: email: Barbara Shields
0151 727 7960

Before looking for a teacher think about why you are attracted to tai chi, and what you hope to gain from it, are you just looking for the health aspects, working with soft exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques or are you interested in the full system including hard training, partner work, self defence and weapon forms.

Once you have decided what you want then you can email or telephone a few instructors close to you with your ideas, they’ll be pleased to advise you. Feel free to ask if you can visit a class to see how the class is run and whether the approach meets your expectations.

We have introduced a grading system as this gives people some indication of the level of experience of the teachers. Do not feel that you must train with a Senior Instructor as any of the teachers will have a better knowledge and understanding of the art than a beginner, and will be able to start you on the long road that is Tai Chi Chuan. So look for a local teacher who is providing the type of training you want!

Instructor Grades:

  • Senior Instructors (S)- normally will have at least 20 years experience of practising Chinese internal arts in depth
  • Advanced Instructors (A)- normally will have at least 8-10 years experience of practising Chinese internal arts in depth.
  • Intermediate Instructors (I)- practice Chinese internal arts to an acceptable level.
  • Basic Instructors (B)- are continuing their apprenticeship in Chinese internal arts and able to teach at a basic level; they will usually still be training on a regular basis with their own instructor.
Instructor Grades for those training in Tai Chi Chuan \and Chinese internal arts for health only:-
  • Advanced Instructors (A)- normally will have at least 8-10 years experience of practising Chinese internal arts for health in depth.
  • Intermediate Instructors (I)- practice Chinese internal arts to an acceptable level.
  • Basic Instructors (B)- are continuing their apprenticeship in Chinese internal arts and able to teach at a basic level; they will usually still be training on a regular basis with their own instructor.
  • Novice Practitioners (N) – Have completed at least 12 hours training. in Chinese internal arts under a TCUGB recognised teacher, but are not yet ready to teach independently

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