Choosing an Instructor

Before looking for a teacher think about why you are attracted to tai chi and/or qigong, and what you hope to gain from it, are you just looking for the health aspects, working with soft exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques, or are you interested in the full system including more in-depth training, partner work, self-defense, and weapon forms etc.

Once you have decided what you want then you can email or telephone a few instructors close to you with your ideas, they’ll be pleased to advise you. Feel free to ask if you can visit a class to see how the class is run and whether the approach meets your expectations.

We have introduced a grading system as this gives people some indication of the level of experience of the teachers. Members are graded on their technical knowledge and level of experience in the arts taught, they are not assessed on their teaching styles or teaching abilities. It is important you look for a teacher who is providing the type of training you want, is suitably experienced, and you can connect with!

Instructor grades:

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