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Nigel Brett - Hayle, Cornwall Region: South & West

Long Yang style; Qi Gong.

Contact: 07777 695 656
email: Nigel Brett

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Bob Denny - Newquay Region: South & West

White Dragon School of Kung Fu

Certified instructor of Dr Lam's Sun Style TCA programme, Yang and Chen styles, combined 42 form and sword forms. Qigong and Chinese yoga taught prior to tai chi movements.
Bishops C of E Primary School
Treninnick Hill

Class times 6 - 7.30pm

Contact: 142 Polwhele Road
01637 850495
email: Bob Denny

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Steve Goodeve - Redruth, Penzance, Newlyn, St Ives & Carbis Bay, CORNWALL Region: South & West

Tao Heart Tai Chi

Cheng Man-ch'ing (Zheng Manqing) Tai Chi, Qigong, Zhan Zhuang ('Pole Standing'), 18 Hands Tai Chi, Taiji Straight Sword (Jian), Taiji Walking Stick (Zhang), Silk-Reeling Exercises (Chan Ssu Jing) and Pushing Hands (Tui Shou).

Classes: Redruth, Penzance, Newlyn, St. Ives & Carbis Bay

Contact: 07714 766901

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Bob Harrisson-Daniels - Region: South & West

Tai Chi Nation

Teaching Dao Yin and Qigong.
Mini Qigong. 24 compact form, yang style. Cheng man Ching 37 form -
classes in Okehampton in Devon, and Pensilva in Cornwall

Contact: Wyside
Thornton Cross
EX20 4NF
01837 861586
0794 9763256
email: Bob Harrisson-Daniels


Roderick Jacob - London Region: South & West

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan

Contact: 58 The Shrubberies
01326 565806
07957 418046
email: Roderick Jacob


Tony O'Rourke - Wadebridge Region: South & West

Phoenix School of Tai Chi

Play Tai Chi at our friendly classes Cornwall at Padstow and Wadebridge: Cheng Man Ching, Beijing 24 step and Yang long form and Yang broadsword.

Contact: 9 New Park
PL27 7PL
01208 812297
email: Tony O"Rourke


Katherine Revell - Plymouth Region: South & West

Tai chi and Shiatsu, Cornwall

Tai chi and Qigong classes in South East Cornwall. We study chen style Tai chi, Laojia 74 form. Laojia means "old form" and 74 is the number of sequences. Qigong exercises include "Ba Duan Jin" or 'Eight pieces of brocade', " Wu Qin Xi" or 'Five Animals Qigong', "Da Wu" or 'great dance', and "Shen Jin Ba Gu" or 'stretch ligaments, open joints'. Weekly classes in Liskeard, Looe, Downderry and Trewidland. Fortnightly classes for people with MS in Plymouth.

Contact: Kath Revell
01579 340591
07729 907056
email: Katherine Revell
Fb Ninja Granny

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Phil Wright - Launceston Cornwall Region: South & West

North Cornwall Tai Chi class - Launceston, Cornwall

I first started Tai Chi in 1987 and have been practising ever since. I practise Yang style Tai Chi from Chen Man Ching and Dr Chi Chiang. I have learnt Short form; Long form; Left-side; Dai Lui; San Shou and Sword Form as well as push hands. I also practice White Crane Qigong. The classs are open to anyone or any ability and I teach Tai Chi exercises; QiGong and the Chen Man Ching Short form in the class.
All classes are based in Launceston. The Day class is for an hour on a Wednesday morning starting at 10.30am and the Evening class runs for an hour and a half starting at 7.00pm.

Contact: email: Phil Wright
01566 777015

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Before looking for a teacher think about why you are attracted to tai chi, and what you hope to gain from it, are you just looking for the health aspects, working with soft exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques or are you interested in the full system including hard training, partner work, self defence and weapon forms.

Once you have decided what you want then you can email or telephone a few instructors close to you with your ideas, they’ll be pleased to advise you. Feel free to ask if you can visit a class to see how the class is run and whether the approach meets your expectations.

We have introduced a grading system as this gives people some indication of the level of experience of the teachers. Do not feel that you must train with a Senior Instructor as any of the teachers will have a better knowledge and understanding of the art than a beginner, and will be able to start you on the long road that is Tai Chi Chuan. So look for a local teacher who is providing the type of training you want!

Instructor Grades:

  • Senior Instructors (S)- normally will have at least 20 years experience of practising Chinese internal arts in depth
  • Advanced Instructors (A)- normally will have at least 8-10 years experience of practising Chinese internal arts in depth.
  • Intermediate Instructors (I)- practice Chinese internal arts to an acceptable level.
  • Basic Instructors (B)- are continuing their apprenticeship in Chinese internal arts and able to teach at a basic level; they will usually still be training on a regular basis with their own instructor.

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